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The challenge

In the last three years, Nicaragua has been affected by severe drought with water levels dropping by 30% on average. This, combined with increased unpredictability of rain in the coming decades means farmers will need to use water resources more efficiently. This situation is new for the country as farmers were used to abundant freshwater resources from Nicaragua’s many lakes and rivers.

The solution

In 2009, iDE established the social enterprise iDEal Tecnologías, which improves farmers’ livelihoods by selling low-pressure irrigation systems and providing support on farming best practices. Currently, less than 2% of Nicaraguan farmers use irrigation technologies, which means there is great potential to improve farmers’ productivity and incomes. Only iDEal is providing a complete solution—irrigation technology with additional technical services—for smallholder farmers struggling with this new situation. From August 2016 to August 2017, iDE Canada is providing financing for iDEal to purchase inventory.

In March 2016, recognizing the company’s leadership in small-scale irrigation nationally, the Government of Nicaragua invited iDEal’s general manager, Nadja Schäfli-Kraenzlin to participate in an expert panel advising on an irrigation strategy to address the water crisis.

bridge financing start date | August 2016
bridge financing end date | August 2017

iDEal Tecnologías continues to operate as a social enterprise.

scale (total number of individuals benefitting from a new irrigation system)
goal | 2,500
scale | 1,500

Funding for this project is provided by individual donors.