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Ghana | Sama Sama, Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Project

The challenge

More than 85% of rural Ghanaians do not have access to a private toilet, which leads to serious illness, safety risks (especially for women and girls) and indignity. In the three northern regions selected for this intervention, diarrhea is endemic. As a result, about 40% of children in northern Ghana are malnourished compared to 23% of children nationally. For adults, illness often means time away from the workforce, lost income and medical expenses.

The solution

iDE is creating a market for affordable toilets in the region. Working with local manufacturers, banks and salespeople, we deliver and install durable and affordable toilets and stimulate demand for the product by conducting door-to-door sales.

Our approach creates income for businesses along the supply chain and helps customers save money by reducing illnesses related to diarrheal disease—healthy adults can participate fully in the workforce and have fewer medical expenses. For customers, buying a toilet can prevent serious health problems and represents an investment in their future.

start date | September 2015
product launch | October 2016
end date | November 2019

scale (total number of individuals benefitting from a new toilet)
goal | 300,000
scale as of May 2018 | 11,369

The Government of Canada provides funding for this project. Additional funding is provided by the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation and individual donors.