Zero Hunger

End hunger, achieve food security, and improve nutrition while promoting sustainable agriculture

Hunger ends where there is enough food for everyone and people can sell and buy it at a fair price. Due to dependence on weather, lack of finance and education, farming does not always provide a consistent harvest. iDE Canada supports those small scale farmers who are selling locally grown food to make a better profit and supply healthy nutritious food to their communities.

For example, our donors are supporting projects in Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Ghana to address the lack of access to food during seasons when there is not enough rain. Farmers are cooperating by pooling together their resources in order to grow profitable vegetables during the dry season. These farmers are using sustainable, simple technologies to water their crops. 

Issa is one of the farmers growing sweet potato vines that he sells to other farmers. He began growing them because of the advice he received from his iDE Canada farm business advisor that has been guiding him through the process.

Access to food is the key to ending hunger; so is access to the right food. Nutritious food, grown locally and sold at a fair price is what makes a food system work. This was the goal behind introducing the sweet potato into the Northern Ghanaian market place.

Babies in Northern Ghana have also shown vitamin A deficiency. This can lead to numerous medical troubles such as blindness that can last their whole lives. The need for more vitamin A in the Ghanaian diet presents an opportunity for our small scale farmers: grow sweet potatoes which are rich in vitamin A!

iDE Canada has partnered with the International Centre for Potatoes to help farmers learn how to grow sweet potatoes and introduce them in the market place. This is using a market based approach to get more vitamin A into people’s diets, while providing more income for farmers!

Because the farming and feeding communities influence so many aspects of life, other Global Goals include: