No Poverty

End Poverty In All Forms, Everywhere


    We believe that poverty can end when people have the opportunity to make an increased, sustainable income. Everyone already has the potential within them to change their lives, it just needs to be unleashed. With our donors, we believe that access to markets, accurate information, business advice and development can unleash this potential. iDE Canada volunteers, donors and staff are a part of reaching the Global Goal of Sustainable Development of No Poverty.

Lodo & Tedase of Ethiopia, farmers ending their poverty

     Tedase of Ethiopia is someone who has begun to end his family’s poverty. Farming can be a challenging job. Tedase had an extra challenge of starting his farm after having spent time in prison. He had to start without any resources or land given to him. Despite those disadvantages, Tedase’s perseverance and work ethic shone through. iDE Ethiopia staff were able to provide technical assistance, help him decide which crops to grow and helped him get a loan to buy a water pump, so he could water more effectively and efficiently, all year round. He sells onion seedlings at a really good price in the market. He is so proud when he stands with his wife in front of his home that recently got a new roof. He says, "I am so happy because people can see that even someone like me, who started out with nothing, can have a beautiful house and a profitable farm." This is what poverty ending looks like.

Because farmers often spend their new income on education and health care needs, other Global Goals that are also reached are: