Gender Equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

iDE Canada is making sure gender equality is addressed in all the work that we do. Working with the local culture, we take note of how changes will affect women and how we can facilitate the empowerment of women. The Global Goals have declared 2016 as The Year For Global Girls. If progress is going to be made, women and girls must be empowered. We couldn't agree more. 

Halimaa (left), counts money from a sale in front of the women's cooperative store

Halimaa Banata of Ethiopia is a leader in a women’s economic cooperative group. This group sells produce from the women’s farms during the growing season and other supplies during the rest of the year. iDE supplied business training and showed the women how to get started. When asked about how things have changed for her, Halimaa responded proudly, "There has been a big change. Before this cooperative group, I simply did what my husband ordered me to do. I accepted without complaining. Now that I am bringing resources in, I am part of the decision making at home. I am forcing my husband to send our girls to school!"

Other Global Goals pursued through Gender Equality: