Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact

   Climate change affects farmers in a big way. It affects how they water their crops, what they can grow and what kind of harvest they can produce. iDE Canada is helping farmers adjust to these conditions and find new techniques for farming that are environmentally sustainable. 

Alalee Francis of Northern Ghana has a vested interest in conserving water. It reduces labor and costs to growing his crops. Using water more efficiently also produces taller, more robust plants!

Alalee and his fellow farmers feel the effects of climate change in significant ways. Temperature changes and rain patterns affect their ability to produce an income. With iDE’s help they have been innovating and finding ways to manage water and make adjustments along with the changes in weather.

As part of iDE Canada’s Innovation for Rural Prosperity project which is funded by Canadian donors and Global Affairs-Canada, Alalee is working with an iDE market development officer, Iddrisu Andeni. He is learning new methods for farming, such as drip irrigation and mulching. Along with other farmers in the region, he can see which approaches of watering and planting are the best by trying several methods next to each other, simultaneously. Before iDE came, they needed a lot of water to water our crops. "Now we use way less water and the crops are doing much better," says Alalee. This is a perfect example of Alalee taking climate action!

Other Global Goals that are positively affected by Climate Action: