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iDE Initiatives

Over the last three decades, iDE has expanded its footprint to engage with local markets in 11 countries: Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Zambia. Everywhere we work, iDE creates business opportunities unique to the communities we serve. Once we start on a project, we commit to staying for as long as it takes to establish agriculture and sanitation businesses that will prosper.

Selected Projects

Project Briefs

  • The Resilient Economy and Livelihoods program is improving farming practices in the Wolayta Zone in Ethiopia where communities experience repeated cycles of crop failure and hunger. Communities also lack proper sanitation and suffer from poor health as a result. 4 pages, 2017 (2 MB, pdf)

  • Sama Sama is the first sanitation business that builds, sells and delivers toilets in northern Ghana where disease related to poor sanitation is endemic. Working with local businesses, Sama Sama is building a dependable supply chain to deliver a desirable and affordable toilet. 4 pages, 2017 (2.12 MB, pdf)