Innovation for Impact: A Toilet in Every Home

Your support for innovators makes a real and lasting change.

Sreydet’s story is that of many rural families in Cambodia. Ten years ago, less than 30% of rural Cambodians had a toilet. Like many, her family experienced frequent bouts of diarrhea, which is much more than a temporary discomfort. Diarrhea kills over half a million children under 5 every year and leaves many more malnourished and disabled.

Sreydet struggled with the indignity of relieving herself in the field. She also worried about her little sister’s safety. When a team of “sanitation teachers” came to her village to promote and sell toilets made by a local business, she knew what her family needed. The price for a durable and safe toilet was much less than she imagined, and she was able to help her parents purchase a toilet, improving the family’s health, dignity and safety. She and her sister no longer need to walk out to the field at night.

Your support makes it possible for families like Sreydet’s to purchase their first toilet. iDE has developed a sanitation marketing approach that is proving far more effective than traditional public health campaigns. Working with local toilet businesses and teams of sales agents, iDE has been able to make buying a toilet easy, affordable, and even fun - with aspirational marketing campaigns that appeal to the real reasons people want a toilet.

Today, over 80% of rural Cambodians in the provinces where iDE works have a toilet. Last year, we celebrated selling over one million toilets worldwide in areas where - until now - defecating in the open has been the norm. Despite this great progress, there are many families who still need a toilet.

It is amazing what a difference a toilet makes. Your donation enables more families to experience that real and lasting change.

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