A Fair Deal for Farmers in Mozambique

Flora Mostiço is an entrepreneur selling seeds, tools and other agricultural supplies in Mozambique. She started her business several years ago with just $3 that she used to buy two crates of tomatoes for resale in the local market. With some training from iDE, she built her business and became a farm business advisor - offering improved inputs and advice to local farmers.

Flora was stopped in her tracks in 2019 when Cyclone Idai ravaged the area, followed by Cyclones Eloise and Chalane. The cyclones destroyed livelihoods and left thousands displaced. The devastation of the cyclone left Flora’s family home severely damaged, with a washed-out farm, no food stocks, about $200 worth of products gone, and little to no savings to support their recovery.

Flora, though, is both dedicated and resilient. As a farm business advisor, she had gained the trust of her suppliers, which allowed her to sell on consignment. She was also able to participate in input, trade and technology fairs, organized by iDE. These fairs bring together thousands of smallholder farmers, who have received training through farmer field schools, and agricultural businesses and entrepreneurs - who in many cases did not have much experience selling to smallholders. Farmers receive a credit of approximately $40 to purchase tools, seeds and inputs from businesses at the fair. iDE has also worked with a local tech company to develop a system that allows farmers to make their purchases using voucher cards that connect with vendors’ smartphones.

Flora was able to open a small shop, thanks in part to a loan that iDE staff helped her secure. The fairs grew her income and introduced her to new farmers, who have become regular clients. “I started with a small thing and now I am growing,” she says. “It is not enough, I have to help my clients because they can’t stay without anything. We have to see a change in our community together.”

Climate change is driving more frequent and more severe disasters like the cyclones in Mozambique. 

Your support for innovative, business-based responses to these shocks helps farmers and local entrepreneurs to get back on their feet and reduce their vulnerability.

Help them fight back.

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