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Problem - 2.7 billion people live on less than $2 a day

Solution - When affordable technology like drip irrigation systems and water pumps become accessible to farmers, they are able to increase their income and lift themselves out of poverty.

Problem - Handouts are not a solution to poverty

Solution - We believe that people in poverty are entrepreneurs, leaders and dreamers.  Imposing development on communities does not work.  When people in communities are given the space to be the planners and decision makers, development succeeds.  That’s why we work with the poor to help them find solutions to ending poverty.


Problem - Using only rain water for farming is a poverty trap

Solution - Farmers in the developing world can’t access the water right under their feet.  Instead they rely on the rains to water their crops.  With a changing climate, this method is no longer feasible as the rainy season keeps getting shorter.  Your donations link farmers to affordable water pumps and drip irrigation so they can access water while conserving it during the dry season.  That means they are able to grow vegetables and feed their family while increasing their income.

Problem - Living on a dollar a day keeps families in survival mode

Solution - Extremely low incomes force farm families in the developing world to utilize every resource they have.  That could mean keeping children at home to work the fields.  Your donations help families increase their income by growing vegetables during the dry season - a time when fields normally stand idle.  The outcome is incredible; children go to school, medications are affordable and families invest in their future.

Problem - Diarrhea kills

Solution - Did you know that diarrhea kills more children under 5 than malaria, HIV and tuberculosis combined? It’s a very serious problem.  Because of donors, we are able solve this problem by helping poor families gain access sanitation products like latrines and water filters.

Problem - 2.5 billion people lack access to sanitation facilities

Solution - Open defecation is an issue which affects women and children in a unique way.  Quite often, women will wait until dusk to find a safe place to relieve themselves.  Because of this, they eat and drink less during the day, which leads to many health problems.  Children are exposed to debilitating diarrhea which leads to stunting and prevents them from reaching their potential.   It’s a serious issue that we can solve with your help.

Problem - One crop equals one small income

Solution - When the dry season arrives, access to water for growing crops becomes very difficult.  Farmers often leave their homestead to look for work or hope that their food rations will last until the next rainy season.  This problem is solved when you make a donation to iDE Canada.  We link farmers to affordable water pumps and teach them how to grow high value vegetables.  When this happens, their incomes increase and they gain access to nutritious food all year.  That’s how poverty ends.

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